COVID-19 and what we’re doing at udu

We at udu have been exploring ways in which we or our core technology could help in the very different world we all now find ourselves. As a result, we’re excited to announce our involvement in two new COVID-19 research projects, the first aimed at solving the challenges researchers face analyzing data from many sources. We will be announcing more details on the second project at a later date.

Two Worlds, a technology company based in Scotland, is one of the successful applicants to a £40M fund from InnovateUK created to support “Business-led innovation in response to global disruption”, a competition that attracted 8,600 applicants. Working with a team including epidemiologists, mathematical modeling specialists and the Department of Computer Science at Imperial College London, Two Worlds is using the udu platform, intelligent analytic software to bring together, analyze and present data from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal is to demonstrate the ability to bring together the wide range of disparate sources of data that each give only a small part of the picture, in order to help assess the impact and effectiveness of public policy at local, national and global levels around Covid-19. In the process it can also spot patterns of behavior that may not otherwise show an obvious direct relationship and use those to investigate possible causes of, for instance, high rates of infection, hospitalization and mortality in particular areas or demographics as well as being able to infer likely infection rates and progression for areas where data is patchy or non-existent.

We at udu are proud to be working with Two Worlds on such an important and impactful project. Read the full release here.

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