New features in version 2.14.1

Sometimes when you are working on building a model or looking through results, you’ll have an idea. Maybe it’s a new keyword, a domain that should be excluded, or a required home page keyword. Stopping what you are working on and going to the appropriate place to add this information can be disruptive. Now, udu provides a handy note pad that is always available no matter what you are working on. Just make a quick note, then go back later and make the necessary changes.

Note pad

The udu note pad feature is a handy way to make notes about things you want to do for a project without disrupting your current workflow. The note icon on the bottom right of the screen is always available. Just click that icon, make any notes you want and then click Save. Once you are done with what you are currently working on, open the note pad back up and your notes will be there.

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