Business Development

Decipher signals and use

AI for Business Growth

Excel by using AI for business development

B2B Business Development teams grow more rapidly when they are reaching the right prospects. udu Source facilitates growth by leveraging AI for business development to automate the search, discovery and analysis of new prospects:

  • Build highly customized lists of relevant, targeted leads
  • Discover potential partnership opportunities
  • Keep tabs on the competitive landscape and explore new markets with ease 
  • Automate the search and discovery of new leads across all verticals 
  • Save countless hours by leveraging the efficiencies of udu’s AI scoring

B2B lead generation

Forego large leads databases of the past and, instead, discover qualified leads that a human could never find using traditional methods

Business growth

Identify and cultivate potential contacts that can lead to fruitful customer or partner relationships, conduct regular market research, and gain valuable insight to augment forecasting

Competitive landscaping

Once a model for keeping tabs on competitors is trained, it can easily be re-used and updated as your competitive landscape changes

Automation efficiencies

Highly automated tasks and processes save untold hours and keep your business adept and agile as conditions fluctuate and business needs change

Ready to see how AI for business development can accelerate your growth?