Corporate Development

Trainable AI to help

Inform Strategic Initiatives

Corporate growth strategy informed by AI

With the help of the latest data science methodologies, corporate growth teams use udu Source as their intelligence sourcing solution. Using AI to inform your corporate growth strategy uncovers hidden insights and opportunities:

  • Inform strategic initiatives by pulling up to date information ad-hoc 
  • Identify potential acquisition targets faster and easier than they could by using traditionally built databases
  • Find add-on opportunities that would have been overlooked by their current process 
  • Customize and manage their data processing
  • Save countless hours by leveraging the efficiencies of udu’s AI scoring

Company search

Trainable AI models find the best potential acquisition targets that add value and capability to your company

Business development

Identify targets that have the specific qualities you look for in an ideal customer or partner, complete with contact information

Market intelligence

Easily stay abreast of market trends and market analysis to make insightful decisions that support your strategic objectives

Task automation

Automated processes save countless hours and keep even the largest organizations nimble as they integrate acquisitions

Ready to see how udu can add value to your corporate growth strategy?