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Gain relevant signal data for

Decision-Making Insights

M&A deal origination with AI

udu Source automates the time consuming tasks associated with sourcing buyers and sellers while uncovering targets that would be missed in your current M&A deal origination process. Analysts can now get better results, faster and unlock hidden value for their clients:

  • Increase bandwidth of your team to take on more projects
  • Uncover hard to find targets and off-market opportunities
  • Cover new industries without the need for a larger team
  • Generate better results for your clients, faster
  • Differentiate your offering by utilizing the power of AI deal sourcing 

Platform company search

Identify companies that match your preferences and criteria on-the-fly with live, fresh data from the web and 1000s of sources

Add-on company search

Trainable models help you recognize ideal opportunities that will create the best synergies with your clients’ platform companies

Market intelligence

Make quick work of market research and analysis to find potential targets that match your strategic objectives

Task automation

AI prioritized scoring eliminates initial vetting from your process and a funnel-ready list is yours quickly and easily

Ready to see how udu can add value to your M&A deal origination efforts?