We are udu

Based in Raleigh-Durham, NC we provide AI tools for deal origination


We are an experienced software engineering & finance team, dedicated to solving hard problems with smart solutions.

Rett Crocker, CEO, Using AI for Deal Origination

Rett Crocker


Charles Shook, VP Corporate Development, Using AI for Deal Origination

Charles Shook

VP Corporate Development

Salvatore Gallo, Director Business Development, Using AI for Deal Origination

Salvatore Gallo

Director Business Development

We started udu to solve complex data harvesting and analysis problems. Once we started working with customers in the private equity space, the value and efficiencies that udu brings became clear, not just for PE, but for their platform companies, buy-side or corporate M&A groups, or anyone that can benefit from using AI for deal origination.

Rett Crocker

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