Private Equity

Uncover proprietary opportunities and automate processes to

Maximize Deal Flow

AI for private equity deal sourcing

Using our patented technical approach, our PE customers use udu Source as their private equity deal sourcing solution to:

  • Identify prospects faster than they could alone or by using traditional database tools
  • Find opportunities that would have been overlooked
  • Automate various manual tasks and processes to shorten the BD cycle

Additionally, our clients’ portfolio companies use udu to:

  • Locate their ideal prospects
  • Assess market landscapes
  • Uncover opportunities

Platform company search

Quickly find targets that match your preferences and criteria using fresh data captured in real-time from the web and 1000s of datasources

Add-on company search

Identify all companies that match your interest, right down to the unique qualities you look for in the ideal opportunity

Market landscaping

Get the most complete, up-to-date information on-demand so you can quickly assess the broader market opportunities of any deal that lands on your desk

Portfolio company growth (BD)

Grow your portfolio company by focusing efforts on the best opportunities using an AI generated list of targets that match their ideal customer

Ready to see how AI can enhance private equity deal sourcing?