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Zero in on valuable targets quickly to

Enable Search Fund Entrepreneurs

Find your target acquisition with AI

More than ever, Search Funds are seeking an edge to stick out in a sea of competition and find opportunities that others have not yet uncovered. udu Source provides that edge by leveraging AI to find the ideal target acquisition:

  • Search 1000s of data sources across the web to find targets and overlooked/off-market opportunities
  • Use AI to analyze and prioritize targets, surfacing the best matches 
  • Automate the search and discovery of new targets across all industries
  • Differentiate your efforts by utilizing the power of AI deal sourcing

Find companies

Quickly source targets that match your criteria and unique preferences using fresh data captured in real-time from 1000s of sources

Map markets

Gain understanding of current market situations, trends and opportunities in areas of interest so you can design investment and business development strategies purposefully

Generate leads

Jump past large leads databases and go directly to udu to discover qualified leads that a human could never find using traditional methods

Automate for the future

Once the AI is trained in a particular industry, easily get an updated list in the future to see new targets

Ready to see how udu can help to find your perfect target acquisition?