AI powered deal sourcing

udu automates the search, discovery and analysis of target businesses

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Introducing udu Source

udu Source is the only AI powered deal sourcing platform that brings together live dynamic web searching, analysis using machine learning (ML) and complete data privacy in an easy-to-use package. udu Source learns what your optimal deal sourcing targets look like while searching through thousands of data sources to isolate the best matches to your criteria.

  • The new, streamlined platform provides workflows and automations that make building a project faster than ever
  • udu search + data collection + AI methodology will find and surface the hardest-to-find targets in any industry
  • Get started in seconds with some example target websites and a search term; udu learns from the feedback you provide on results and automates the activity for the future

AI Analysis and Vetting

udu analyzes and scores each result to prioritize your targets with the best matches for your criteria

The new, streamlined deal sourcing platform

Providing workflows and automations that make building a project fast and easy

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udu difference


Each udu search is live and brings back the most up to date information available


udu searches across 1000s of data sources to find potential targets wherever their information might be


AI powered analysis will automatically surface criteria matching opportunities along with the KPI’s and contact data you need

udu value

Proprietary Sourcing

udu finds under-the-radar businesses overlooked by database tools


Every search project created is automated for the future

Data Privacy

Results are 100% private with no data sharing outside of your team

Ready to see how udu can add value to your business development efforts with AI powered deal sourcing?