Portfolio Companies

Get ahead of the competition

Find Ideal Prospects

Comprehensive prospecting using AI

Portfolio companies, directly or via their PE partners are prospecting using AI to automate the search, discovery and analysis of potential customers:

  • Build highly targeted lists of relevant prospects
  • Identify partnership opportunities
  • Analyze the competitive landscape
  • Save countless hours by automating BD tasks

Lead generation

Identify companies that have the unique qualities you look for in an ideal customer, complete with contact information

Market analysis

Get the most complete, up-to-date information on-demand so you can quickly assess your competition and the broader market

Business development

Focus your efforts on your best opportunities while gathering information to better inform decision making

Process automation

Automate tedious and repetitive tasks like data entry, report creation, enrichment and prioritization

Ready to see how prospecting using AI can help you grow your business and develop qualified leads?