New features in version 2.11.1

We are introducing 2 new types of modules to help better filter down your results. Disallowed home page keywords and Disallowed domain keywords. Both of these provide a new way to easilly filter out unrelated companies. As a result, udu will get you results faster and the lists will be more accurate.

Disallowed home page keywords

Disallowed home page keywords works the opposite way of the current Required home page keywords module. In that module you provide a list of keywords that udu must detect on a website’s home page in order to continue analyzing that company. With this new module, you provide a list of keywords that if udu detects any of them, it will stop analyzing that company. An example of when this would be useful is if you are searching for companies that manufacture “medical safety products”. In addition to getting the correct companies, you will also likely find many lawyers that talk quite a bit about medical safety and lawsuits associated with that. By adding some lawyer specific Disallowed home page keywords such as: “attorneys at law” and “litigation”, the vast majority of these companies will be filtered out.

Disallowed domain keywords

Disallowed domain keywords works similarly to Disallowed home page keywords. You provide a list of keywords and if any of them are present in the domain name of the company, the company will be filtered out of the results. An example of when this might be useful is if you are searching for “wine glass manufacturers”. You will inevitably get some wineries that show up in the results. By adding Disallowed domain keywords of: “vineyard” and “winery”, a lot of these companies will be filtered out.

As with any filtering module, it is important to show caution when choosing keywords and be sure to not filter out companies that may be good matches. Using generic terms in either of these modules would not be a good idea. For our 2 examples, “law” and “wine” would not be good choices. Many websites could mention something about a law on their home page and almost certainly, some wine glass manufacturers will have wine in their domain name. To see the companies that were filtered out for any particular run, just go to View results and click Filtered companies.

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