New features in version 2.4.1

As a follow up to version 2.3.1 that added the major new feature of Smart Scoring, version 2.4.1 adds a few new useful features, including: new data about each company and the ability to define a custom region with a list of zip codes.

New company data

In addition to all of the data you already get for each company udu finds, we have now added fields for: company name and company description. These fields are both udu’s best guess based on data collected throughout the analysis.

Custom regions

If you have a list of zip codes that is always a target area, you can now save that list of zip codes as a Custom Region. To save a custom region, go to My profile and look under Find business settings. Once a Custom Region has been saved, it will be accessible on the New Run menu for all standard searches in the USA. The Location dropdown will have a section labeled as Custom Regions. We recommend that Custom Regions not exceed 1,000 zip codes, so you may need to break your region out into multiple separate regions.

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