New Detailed Company Data Added to udu

This company udu found looks like a great match for our portfolio, but…

…what is their annual revenue?

…how many employees do they have?

…have they raised any institutional funding?

Every single udu user…ever

Every private equity fund has their own unique processes for how they source deals and what information they need and trust. This is what makes udu so valuable. Its flexibility allows it to fit into any process to create efficiencies and improve performance.  However, our clients have been requesting more detailed company data about their targets. Information such as: estimated revenue, estimated employee count, previous funding rounds, year founded, ownership and how many retail locations they have which could be key to their decision making.

The new detailed company data view

With our latest release,  these are just some of the new data points that udu is providing  through a variety of new third party data sources. This information is now available for companies you have discovered right in the udu platform.

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