New year updates

It’s been a while since we last caught everyone up on all of the changes and updates to udu. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to get you better data, faster. Here is a brief overview to get everyone up to speed.

NEW Find Businesses version released

We rolled out a beta version of Find Businesses V3 during Q3 2021. The beta distinction will be getting removed here in the coming weeks as it has now been fully tested and is ready to go. Once we fully release V3, we will begin the deprecation process of V2. It will hang around for a little while so that everyone has a chance to get used to the new version. All of the other features and improvements mentioned in this blog post describe using Find Businesses V3.

Major Speed increase

Arguably, the most important thing we have done is significantly speed up udu’s processing. udu was already leaps and bounds faster than human analysts sifting through massive amounts of data that can result from a search project, but now, udu is even faster. A variety of tests have shown that udu is, on average, twice as fast at returning and analyzing results as it was in the third quarter of 2021, and in some instances over 4x previous speeds.

Benefits to our customers: this reduces the lag time waiting for results and allows the training of a model in half the time so you can cover more ground faster.

NEW Virtual Analyst

Speaking of speed increases, we have to mention our Virtual Analyst feature. We introduced Virtual Analyst with Find Businesses V3. Virtual Analyst speeds up the process of getting a project started by automating the first 3 steps of building a model. It helps you determine the best possible search term, helps you pick out some good keywords and even gets an initial run going so that you can see initial results faster. All you have to do is provide the urls of a few good example companies and a few search terms to get started and Virtual Analyst takes care of the rest.

Benefits to our customers: this significantly reduces the time to train a model by using ML and statistical analysis to select search terms and keywords that will be most effective in completing your search…all without human effort or direction.

Adding Surge Servers

If you have a tight deadline, we now offer Surge Servers to get your runs finished even faster. If you have multiple new searches to run or just need a large project to finish in time for a team meeting, you can add on as many Surge Servers as needed to cut the time a search will take, ad-hoc. If you are interested in learning more or adding some Surge Servers, reach out to

Benefits to our customers: the ability to scale your usage based on needs, faster when you need it to be, and only pay for what you need.

One search for entire USA

For the users that frequently run their projects on the entire USA, we’ve now made it simpler to do this. Instead of running each of the 50 states individually, there is now a single run that covers everything. Note that this is a regional run, so it isn’t as comprehensive a search as running state by state.

More detailed company data

Last, but certainly not least, udu is now integrated with even more 3rd party data sources to get you even more detailed data and KPIs for businesses that you are interested in. Information such as but not limited to: estimated revenue, estimated employee count, previous funding rounds, year founded, ownership and number of retail locations. This data can be viewed in the app on a company by company basis and it can also be applied to your entire list of companies through using our Data Add-on interface to customize your udu output.

Benefits to our customers: all the information you need to run your analysis and make decisions in one place without having to reference multiple sources or solutions. Leave the data wrangling to udu, no in-house team needed.

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