New features in version 2.8.1

Version 2.8.1 is packed with behind the scenes improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, there are a couple new features that you will notice, including: adding a new keyword from View Results and more accurate time estimations for new runs.

Adding a new keyword from View Results

When analyzing the results of a finished run, many times you will see new types of companies filter towards the top of your list that are not what you are looking for. At this stage, it is useful to add some keywords associated with those companies with negative scores to bring them down the list. To do this before, you would have to leave View Results and open up a Keyword Scoring Module. Now, without leaving View Results, you can quickly add new keywords by clicking the Add keyword link.

More accurate time estimations

udu is now taking a smarter approach when predicting how long new runs will take to finish. It is learning from all of the previously finished runs for a particular project and making more accurate predictions.

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