New features in version 2.6.1

In version 2.6.1 of Find Businesses, we have expanded the functionality to include a new type of fast search and added a few new time saving features. Specified location string (no verification) is the latest search type. They are similar to No location searches in speed, but make an attempt at being a little more location specific. You also now have the ability to download multiple runs at once into a zip file.

Focused no location searches

No location searches are faster and do not require address verification for companies. This is useful in many scenarios, but it may also be useful to run this same type of search and try to direct it to a specific geography. For instance, with a No location search currently, you will get results from all over the world. Now, with Specified location string (no verification), udu will attempt to drive the search to a specific geography. There is still no address verification, so its likely that companies outside of the geography will be on the list, but it will still be more focused than the standard No location search.

Multi-run download

You now have the ability to download multiple runs at once in a zip file. Just click the download button right beside the New run button and choose which runs you want included in the zip file.

Bulk inserts

Right clicking on the “+” button on many of the modules will allow you to perform a bulk insert. You can paste in a list that is separated by commas, tabs, semi-colons or new lines.

Website exclusions affect rescores

Previously, the website exclusions module would only affect brand new runs. Now, these exclusions will be taken into account for rescores as well.

Locations for No location searches in spreadsheet

udu will attempt to identify any state-zip code combinations (or province-zip code combinations for Canada) for No location searches. These will now be available in the spreadsheet download.

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