M&A Sourcing for Middle Market Companies

Middle market companies constantly seek new and innovative ways to increase margins and expand their market share. They often do this by leveraging new technology, acquiring new customers and markets, and creating products and services to meet consumer demand. 

One strategy companies can implement to expand their market share is M&A sourcing – a process that involves identifying and evaluating potential acquisitions. In 2021, over 40,500 M&A transactions occurred worldwide, with a combined value of $4 trillion. These lucrative opportunities offer existing companies new and improved business operations, as well as employee talent that they might not have previously had access to. 

But to effectively achieve their goals, companies must thoroughly understand the size and type of business that they want to engage with in the M&A process. By understanding the process of middle market deal sourcing and how deal origination services can help, companies can better identify and evaluate beneficial acquisitions. 

Let’s look at how M&A origination occurs for middle market companies and how understanding the best method for sourcing deals can make or break an acquisition strategy. 

How Businesses Are Categorized in the Modern Marketplace 

The corporate landscape is typically divided into large cap, middle market, and small cap companies. Although there’s no widely accepted standard used to classify a business’s ranking, key metrics like revenue, number of employees, and net income, are key indicators of a business’s size and scope. 

Here’s a simplified breakdown of each category.  

Large Cap Companies   

Large cap businesses (think Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Amazon) typically have revenues above $1 billion and employ thousands of people. Key characteristics of large businesses include a robust market presence and the ability to offer a variety of goods and services. 

Middle Market Companies  

Middle market companies typically have revenues ranging from $100 million to $3 billion. Examples of middle market companies include many regional banks, financial institutions, and mid-size manufacturing businesses. Middle market deals involve businesses that might not have the power of large cap companies but still offer attractive opportunities. 

Small Cap Companies  

Small cap businesses have less than $2 billion in market capitalization and focus on specific markets or services. Some examples of small-cap companies include restaurants, local stores, and staffing agencies. High startup costs, limited resources, and aggressive competition often characterize these businesses. 

Knowing which type of business to target for acquisition is key if you want to find the right fit. But regardless of the size, deal sourcing private equity firms still need to use the same techniques to identify potential acquisition opportunities. 

What Is Deal Sourcing and How Is It Used to Conduct Middle Markets Deals? 

The middle market deal sourcing process starts with identifying potential acquisition targets by researching and gathering information about the target company, its competitors, and its industry. The goal is to find prospects that are a good fit for the buyer’s business strategy and offer attractive opportunities. 

Here’s a typical flow you see when deal sourcing private equity options for middle market companies. 

1. Identify Possible Businesses to Acquire 

The first step is identifying potential opportunities for acquisition, which involves researching different sectors within your industry, gathering data on potential targets, and conducting due diligence. Proper M&A origination also requires evaluating the target’s qualitative attributes and competitive landscape and understanding industry dynamics. 

2. Analyze Current Management and Organizational Processes 

Once you’ve identified potential targets, analyze the target’s management and organizational processes. You should examine the company’s operations, financial performance, and strategic objectives.  

3. Put Together an Execution Strategy 

When you’re ready to start sourcing deals, you need to create a strategy for executing the acquisition. This step involves developing an acquisition timeline and budget, identifying potential equity partners or financiers, and negotiating terms with the target company. You should also look for advisors that can give you legal or financial advice throughout the process. 

4. Determine What Type of Investment to Make 

The next step is deciding what type of investment you want: venture capital, buying out a company’s shares, or even taking on some debt to garner the best M&A origination opportunity. The key is to find an option that best suits your financial goals and risk tolerance. 

5. Narrow the Search to Businesses That Meet Specific Criteria 

Once you’ve decided on a type of investment, you can narrow down the list of potential targets. This involves identifying businesses that have attractive characteristics, like strong fundamentals, good growth prospects, and low risk profiles. The goal is to find an acquisition target that offers an attractive ROI and creates long-term value for your company. 

Common Ways Middle Market Deal Sourcing Is Achieved 

There are several standard methods you can use to move the deal forward. The key is to match the right method with the situation and investment goals. 

Maintaining Industry Reputation and Contacts 

One method is leveraging an industry reputation and having the right contacts to source deals. A strong network of contacts in the sector can open up potential opportunities that might not otherwise be available. It also lets private equity firms stay informed about emerging trends and developments in the market. 

Using AI-powered Deal Origination Services 

Many private equity firms use AI-powered deal origination services. These services can quickly and accurately identify proprietary deals that fit niche criteria and uncover hidden signals as well as risks associated with the target. This can help streamline the acquisition process and increase the likelihood of a successful deal in the M&A deal-sourcing space. 

Why AI Is Becoming a Leading Method for Successful Middle Market Deal Sourcing 

Of the methods outlined above, AI-powered deal origination services are becoming increasingly popular because they offer several key advantages over traditional sourcing methods. 

Faster Processing Times 

The most significant benefit of using an AI-powered service is the speed at which deals can be sourced. These services use advanced algorithms that allow private equity firms to move quickly when an opportunity arises before competitors get wind of it. 

Greater Accuracy

AI-powered services offer greater accuracy than traditional deal sourcing methods. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis tools, these services can identify potential target companies with greater accuracy and efficiency, reducing the risk of investing in a poor-performing asset and leading to better returns for investors.

Access to Insights 

AI-powered services provide private equity firms with valuable insights into the target market. By analyzing historical data, these services can identify patterns that might present opportunities for deal sourcing. This knowledge can help private equity firms make more informed decisions, increasing the likelihood of successful investments in the middle market. 

Unlock the M&A Sourcing and Origination Power of AI With udu 

Middle market deal sourcing can be complex, but there are ways to simplify the process. By leveraging AI-powered services and maintaining industry contacts, firms can quickly identify potential targets and create a customized strategy for success, so they maximize their returns and create long-term value for their company. 

With the right tools, middle market deal sourcing can be easier and more successful than ever. 

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